Pretend all you want that that you’re his number one but we both know. He’s mine. I love him. He loves me. He’s using you.

I pity you. You’re literally a way to kill time.

He’s the light of my life, sunshine. He always has been. He means more to me than anyone ever has. And he’s helped me through everything. You think that 4 years is going to be forgotten for a relationship that is only working out because it’s convenient? I tried to let you have it. I tried for so long to let it work out so he could have both of us. I wasn’t here to threaten your relationship. I had no intentions of coming between you. I was - originally - happy he had someone to share his life with. And RIGHT AWAY, you said no. For no reason. I told you, put your big girl panties on and have a conversation with me. But you couldn’t do it. You’re jealous, and untrusting and incredibly selfish. You couldn’t let him have his best friend.

So now I’m done with it. So completely done with letting you think you’ve won. So completely done with you thinking you’re better than me. And most of all, done with you thinking he’d ever pick you over me.

You’re the gum on the bottom of my shoe, hunny. And I cannot wait to scrape you off.